Our Story

We started off as Eat your Greens customers ourselves and realised how getting a veg box totally revolutionised our approach to meals, cooking and eating. We became completely reliant on this surprise box of seasonal veg appearing each week on our doorstep, covered in mud and often containing veg we didn’t know quite what to do with (thank goodness for Google).

Instead of going to the shop to buy veg for a meal we wanted to cook, we were forced to become more creative and use what we had. We still eat meat, but less than we did because we have so much veg and are much more confident now at using the veg in ways that are very tasty! We never would have thought a few years ago that pasta and kale would become one of our go-to comfort meals, or that our young daughter would love eating it as much as we do!

When the opportunity arose in 2018 for us to take on the business, we knew we had to do it even though we had very little previous experience in growing or selling vegetables. We couldn’t imagine going back to life without our box, and figured that other customers would feel the same. The business also tied in with our personal values around reducing packaging and food miles, and doing something in our local community.

So we kept the business going, with a few tweaks, and today we absolutely love what we do. We tapped into the knowledge and expertise of people who were already doing what we wanted to do – Jean Martin Fourtier aka The Market Gardener, and Charles Dowding, the no-dig guru. What we’ve learnt from these two, together with Chris’s brilliant IT skills which got us spreadsheets and processes which have simplified everything behind the scenes, has got us to where we are today.

Our vision is that other people will see from what we’re doing that running a veg box business can be profitable, and that in terms of a lifestyle business it doesn’t get much better. Our ‘commute’ is a 10 minute walk down a country lane, and we have lovely customers who genuinely appreciate what we do. If you have any desire to do something similar or are just interested to hear more about how we started, please get in touch, we’re very happy to share our knowledge with others.

Receiving messages such as this one from customers genuinely makes our week  as is what keeps us going through the tricky times – ‘Having your box has changed the way I eat and I have discovered some great new recipes.’