Our Ethos

Eat Great Tasting Vegetables

Anyone who grows their own veg knows that it tastes better than the produce normally available. The range on supermarket shelves has become limited in flavour and appearance to meet the needs of transportation, shelf-life and consumer expectation. At Eat Your Greens we aim to provide the home-grown vegetable experience to everybody. We offer produce grown for flavour and freshness, not uniformity. Our vegetables can take centre-stage in a meal, providing a delicious variety of tastes, colours and textures.

Eat Local Produce

We grow on land in Prion and Llanrhaeadr. Much of the produce is grown by us, in Denbighshire, for delivery to the local area. You will know that your fruit and vegetables have been grown just down the road and delivered to you with the minimum of food miles. Whenever possible we pick within 24 hours prior to delivery, aiming to get the vegetables from the field to your kitchen as quickly as we can, preserving the flavours at their best.

Eat With The Seasons

Supplying from our gardens in the Vale of Clwyd, we focus on providing fruit and vegetables in season. Different produce will come and go throughout the year, being available when it is at its best. Having produce available for limited periods during the year really does enhance the culinary experience. It is always worth waiting for that very first new potato, lettuce or tomato.