Our Produce

How we Grow

We use organic techniques and environmentally friendly methods to grow vegetables – this means no pesticides, weed-killers or artificial fertilisers. We do not have organic certification because we grow on too small an area but we stick to organic principles because we believe it is the right way to grow veg. All green waste is composted to go back into cultivation and crops are protected from pests rather than treated with chemical preparations. We try to use as little mechanisation as possible, so much of our growing is labour intensive. We also follow no dig principles. All our vegetables are grown for flavour and we grow several varieties of some – such as beans, pumpkins and salad. 

Other Suppliers

W supplement what we grow here in Denbighshire with produce we are supplied by Organic North, a not-for-profit cooperative that has links with some of the best small organic vegetable producers in Britain.

The Hungry Gap

During late winter and early spring the selection of UK produce is at its most limited with root vegetables and brassicas being available but not a lot else. At this time (February through to April/May, weather dependent) we will supplement our home-grown range with some seasonal European produce, also supplied by Organic North.