Seasonal local veg delivered to you

Regular box is £15 and contains 9-11 different items. Small box is £12 and contains 7-9 items. Costs include delivery.

Each week in your box you’ll receive a range of seasonal vegetables. Potatoes, carrots and onions are always part of the selection but other vegetables and fruit will vary depending on the time of year and what is best that week.  We put a lot of care into planning the boxes, and also send some recipe ideas to help give you some inspiration.

Optional extras are eggs and extra potatoes (for those who eat more spuds!). We do have a few customers who request no potatoes and a few who have allergy requests, but other than that we don’t really tailor boxes to customers – if you get something you don’t like, try cooking it differently or give it to a friend or neighbour! If you do ask for something to be left out of your box (other than potatoes), then we will charge an additional £2 per box for the additional work we have to do to manage those subs. 

When you sign up for a box, we do ask you give it at least a month to really get a feel for how to use the box. You may not get through everything in one week, particularly in winter when there’s lots of root veg, but things keep a long time because they are so fresh. 

We do have some customers who choose to have alternate week boxes – whilst we try to accommodate these, it’s not our preference as we spend a lot of time planning the box each week, and trying to avoid putting the same thing in 2 weeks in a row. This means if you get an alternate box you don’t end up with the EYG experience that we would want you to have.

In December/January we plan what to plant in Feb/March and harvest later throughout the year. This means we do need customers to be consistent so we don’t plant too much and then have everyone drop off in the summer so we end up with excess veg. So although there is no commitment to stick with us once you have signed up, we do ask that if you enjoy getting the box you keep getting it throughout the year. We also have a long waiting list, so if you do drop off in summer you may find in the autumn you are unable to sign back up.


“I just wanted to thank you for an excellent service, we love receiving the veg box each week and it really keeps us focused on cooking from scratch. I love to cook but it is so easy to fall into a pattern of eating the same things. I’m always surprised just with two of us we manage to get through the £15 box each week, but we do! And actually spend a lot less on general food shopping as a result. It’s also a nice added extra to receive your recipes each week. Keep up the good work we wouldn’t be without our veg box now :)”  Natalie, EYG customer