What’s been happening this week?

Short(ish) and sweet this week, it’s been one of those days (already spent far too much time today on the phone to Scottish Power arrrggh). And it’s too cold to sit still for too long! Happy December to you all though, loving seeing all the Christmas decorations in town.

This week has been about more shifting of compost and mulching of beds using layers of cardboard. It’s quite satisfying to see the lovely beds all being prepped ready for plants – we reckon if we were a plant we’d quite enjoy being put in one of those well mulched beds…

***CHRISTMAS plans for box customers – important*** If you missed this info past newsletters it’s on our website here.

Boxes this week
Potatoes are Robinta and Kestral. January King cabbages in the regular boxes, and chiogga or golden beetroot and pak choi (it’s been a bit ravaged so a few holes but still perfectly edible!) in the small. Think everything else should be pretty straight-forward.

A couple of recipe ideas for you… 

1) Cabbage, chorizo and potato hash: Recipehere. 

2) Roasted beetroot salad with feta and walnuts: Recipe here

As always, if you’re stuck as to what to do with anything, or really struggling to like something that’s in your box, please let me know and we’ll try to help. 

EYG Extras – for veg box customers only (not shop)…
We have limited amounts of organic wholefoods (flour, strong flour, lentils, pasta, oats, pulses, and more) which we are happy to sell to our box customers. Please note – these are not available to those coming to the shop as we don’t have enough stock. If you get a veg box from us and want anything let me know and I can tell you the price.  

Organic unwaxed lemons – we have some of these available most weeks now if you’d like any.
Organic clementines – if you’d like to add a kg (about 15 clems) to your box we can sort that for you (+£3).

The Vale Grocer shop 

A reminder we’re just open Fridays 9.30am-1pm for now @ 11 Mount Pleasant,Denbigh, LL15 3LS. Please bring your own bag and remember it’s cash only at the moment. We’ll be opening the shop during Christmas week – times tbc.

List for this week is below – sorry again this isn’t very clear, we’re working on a better way of doing the newsletter/blog/sharing info but for now just doing best we can! Things do sell out, if there’s something you particularly want then let me know and I can hold it for you.

Local apple juice – Nigel and Marion from Cae Main orchard in Bodfari have made some pretty amazing apple juice which we’re now selling. It’s made from apples grown in their pesticide and herbicide-free orchard, nothing else added. There are two different varieties, and we can testify that both are really good! £3.45/litre bottle. We can add to your box or you can pick up from the shop.
(*Rudolph the reindeer – with no nose – not included!)

Scotch Bridget  
Originated in Scotland in 1851, Scotch Bridget is a hardy culinary variety which thrives in northern locations. Rated by Victorian author Robert Hogg as ‘an excellent culinary apple’, it makes a rich and finely-flavoured juice. It will crop reliably in areas of wet winters and poor summers and was widely grown in Cumbria and around Lancaster during the 19th century.

Bramley’s Seedling (Bramley)
Bramley’s Seedling was raised between 1809 and 1813 by Miss Mary Anne Brailsford and planted in a cottage garden in Church Street, Southwell, Nottinghamshire. It’s versatility and strong qualities as a culinary variety were first recognised by nurseryman Henry Merryweather in about 1857 when the tree and cottage belonged to Mr Bramley, the local butcher. The original Bramley tree blew down in a storm in the early 1900s but a branch grew up from the old trunk and still survives and fruits. The juice is crisp, sharp and refreshing.

Finally, a reminder from last week re lovely Christmas wreaths from Meinir at Tusw Tlws and a little sunrise inspiration for you (1 minute vid).