Seeing a rainbow very close to our field this morning feels like an auspicious sign! 
Wow, well it’s been a slightly crazy week of weather, we know of at least one customer who’s been flooded, hope you are all doing ok and have got through relatively unscathed. 

What’s happening in the field? We’ve been prepping two beds for potatoes to see how they go (although obviously those won’t quite do us for all the boxes!). Finished putting the tarps down and cleaning in and outside the poly tunnel. Weeded the broad beans. Also did some much needed work in our own little garden which doesn’t get much love for the rest of the year when our attention is very firmly on the field.

Eat Your Greens boxes: This week the potatoes are Alouette. In the regular boxes, the cabbage is savoy and the squash is Crown Prince. The squash are massive so we had to portion them up! Sprout tops and celeriac in the small boxes. Apples are Orleans Reinette and Cornish Gilliflower.

The Vale Grocer shop: We’ve got potatoes, carrots, onions, leeks, lemons, garlic and very limited amounts of: squash, cabbage, sprout tops, palermo peppers, sweet potato, mushrooms, salad, oranges, apples. There’s also more of the v tasty Cae Main apple juice in stock (from Bodfari). 

We’re struggling a bit with getting veg in from Europe at the moment – prices have increased substantially (+25%) due to Brexit and we’re finding it’s not as fresh so we’re spending more on veg that we can’t keep if we don’t sell. And there’s not a huge amount that’s available in the UK at the moment. So please bear with us if we can’t offer you much choice in the shop right now, we’ll keep working on it and hopefully can increase what we’ve got in over coming weeks and months. 

The Vale Grocer shop is open Friday mornings 9.30-1.30, and is cash only. The address is 11, Mount Pleasant, Denbigh, LL16 3LS.
We serve across the doorway so there’s no need to come inside – but you will have to queue outside if we’re serving someone else. We’re getting great support, and the more regular customers we get the more stock we can offer so please spread the word.

One of the advantages of working in the shop is getting to talk about recipes with customers! Here are two that I got last week (thank you to those who passed them on):
Beetroot masala dahl – dahl is such a great comfort food.
Charred brussel sprouts with marmite – this is a new one on me, and I’ve not got round to trying it this week but I can imagine how it would work as I know how good salt is on any greens. If not sprouts, could do with shredded sprout tops or cabbage.