Love where we live!

Blwyddyn Newydd Dda to you all! Through all the lockdown stress, it’s so lovely to see the daffodils I hastily planted a couple of months ago starting to poke up through the ground. The seasons roll on, Covid or not, and we’re determined to enjoy and appreciate them even more now we’re once again spending so much time at home.

Covid aside, there are some quite significant stresses due to the B word. Yes, the effects of that vote from so long ago are just starting to show for us. We’ve been told by our fab wholesalers, Organic North, that aside from the potentially crippling delays at the ports for the next 6months, ‘prices will immediately be higher, the variety of our imported produce will have to be reduced somewhat and the freshness of some of the produce we’ve always enjoyed from Europe will potentially be compromised too’. This isn’t project fear, this is just the situation as is. We’ll be keeping you updated as we go (of course) , but it’s not a particularly optimistic start to the organic veg year. And that’s without the freezing weather which means a lot of veg is unable to be picked, although at least the weather is something very natural that has been a source of uncertainty since the beginning of time (the pandemic and Brexit, not so much).

We’ve got a new website on it’s way and we’re also going to start being a bit more active on Facebook (if that’s your thing) – we’ll let you know details as we go but we’re under a certain amount of pressure as winter is the only time we get to do these extra jobs and winter, as is patently obvious, is well under way!

Growing News: We’ve mostly been trying to take a bit of time off on our only real time out of the year so not much happening in the field over the Christmas break, apart from a bit of urgent repair to greenhouse before the Storm Bella hit.

Eat Your Greens Boxes: Veg in the boxes this week should all be pretty self-explanatory. Sprout tops in the small boxes.
Next week we’ve got some of those amazing Seville oranges coming in – so if you want to do any marmalade making please send us an email letting us know how many kg you would like.

The Vale Grocer Shop: Open tomorrow (Friday) 9.30am-1.30pm, cash only. 11, Mount Pleasant, LL16 3LS. Please wear a mask and we’ll serve you across the doorway (smiles and chats still possible, of course!).

A couple of recipes for you:
Mushroom risotto – recipe here. I won’t be bothering with the fancy mushrooms (!) and I often use diluted white wine vinegar if I don’t have any white wine
Spicy stir-fried sprout tops – recipe here.

We’re looking forward to getting you lots more of the good stuff in 2021! Let’s get those Vitamin D levels sky-high.