Spot the little photo-bomber in the pic above (I had much better photos of all the veg growing but this one was just too cute!). This week we just wanted to say a massive DIOLCH YN FAWR to you all for your continued support, during what has been a roller-coaster of a year so far for all of us. It’s been amazing for us through this time to be able to provide so many lovely families with veg and now some other bits, and to remember when things feel a bit overwhelming that what we’re doing is good for the world. We couldn’t do it without you so thank you. 

As we get into summer, you’re going to notice the boxes are pretty full, especially compared to the leaner months we’ve just come through where sometimes portion sizes were a bit smaller. We’ve got lots growing, and we don’t want to waste anything. If you wonder how you’re possibly going to get through it all, please don’t panic or feel overwhelmed! There’s no rule to say you have to get through the whole box. My advice is to go through the box and –
1. work out what needs to be eaten in the first couple of days (mainly the green leaves)
2. think about which veg makes you most excited/you know will be enjoyed 
Prioritise eating those and enjoy them without worrying about what else is left to eat 🙂
3. pick something in the box you’re not sure about, and maybe challenge yourself/someone else to try a new recipe and keep a note of it if it’s a good one! (tell us about it too!)
Anything else that’s left over, see how you feel when it comes to cooking the next meal – if you really don’t want it offer it to a neighbour, give it to the hens/rabbits/guinea pigs or throw it in the compost! And know that you’ve done a good job buying local veg that hasn’t travelled across the world on a plane. 

Plastic-free July has started. One of the things we’ve been eating more of during lock-down (no idea why!) is cream crackers – although we try to avoid them normally because they contain palm oil. Anyway, they also come in plastic – so one of my missions this month is to try making crackers from scratch. Will let you know how I go! Could be interesting…

EYG Wholefoods
Let us know if you’d like any extras next week:

  • Red fox carlin peas (organic, British) – 500g @ £1.40 
  • Malted wheat flakes (organic, British) – 500g @ £2.40 
  • Strong wholemeal flour (organic, British) – 1.5kg @ £3.80
  • Green lentils (organic, British) – 500g @ £3.40
  • Linseeds (organic, British) – 400g @ £2.50
  • Penne pasta (organic) – 500g @ £1.60
  • Arborio risotto rice (organic) – 500g @ £3.80

Herbs: We’ve still got a few parsley and basil plants for sale.

Fresh horseradish: This is a unusual but yummy one, if you like horseradish and haven’t tried the fresh root, it’s pretty good. You can grate into potato, as well as make horseradish sauce to go with beef or fish.  A few ideas here.

Soft fruit: We mentioned last week no fruit in the boxes this week, but we may have some blackcurrants available to buy if anyone wants to make cordial or jam.

What’s been happening this week at EYG?
Weeding….what else?! Harvesting – courgettes, cucumbers, broccoli, cabbage, chard.

We’re getting some new (feathered) employees this week! – we’re picking up 4 ex-battery hens who are going to be weeding and fertilising our beds for us as we try to constantly improve the soil. Chris has built a chicken house with run that we’ll move around the beds as we need to. 

We’ve got a bit of a glut of cucumbers coming your way, so be prepared! This week we’ve had to harvest broccoli, cabbages and courgettes that we weren’t expecting to so if your box seems particularly big please don’t feel overwhelmed, sometimes this is just what happens over the summer. See note above! 

A few ways we/you’ve used your veg this week:
Cabbage with garlic and lemon, cabbage thoran, cucumber sauteed in butter with creme fraiche and fresh herbs, tray bake with beetroot, potatoes, carrots and goat sausages drizzled with honey, pizza with courgette and red peppers, red pepper pesto, pasta with aubergine and basil.  Keep sending us your kitchen concoctions as it might inspire others! 

A couple of recipe ideas… 

1) Carrot top pesto: Recipe here 

2) Spanish-style Swiss chard: Recipe here

As always, if you’re stuck as to what to do with anything please let me know and I’ll try to give you some ideas.