Well, it’s been one of those weeks which seems to have flown by. We finally have heating in our house though (new log burner/stove all plumbed in with back boiler) which is definitely a cause for celebration – we don’t need it now but definitely didn’t want to get to autumn without it!

Boxes this week
We do have a bit of a problem though. We’ve managed to get through the whole of Plastic-free July using limited plastic for EYG (8 small bags at start of month for celery and that’s it we think). But now we have salad leaves in the polytunnel ready to be picked. We can’t think of any other option so have to put the leaves into bags. The only thing we ask is that you acknowledge our angst and try your best to reuse the bag so it’s doesn’t just go straight into landfill.  This is an ongoing issue for us, if you have any bright ideas about how we can use less plastic / use better bags please let us know – we’re all ears.

What’s been happening this week?
Putting wood chippings down between the beds as mulch on the paths. Taking lower leaves off tomatoes to promote air flow and prevent disease. Weeding. Harvesting courgettes, cucumber, kale, tomatoes, runner beans, beetroot, peas.

EYG Wholefoods
Let us know if you’d like any extras next week. We’ll invoice you separately for these bits, so if you have something extra from us and no invoice please just give us a nudge! If you can avoid paying by Paypal for small amounts that’s really helpful as we get charged.

  • Red fox carlin peas (organic, British) – 500g @ £1.40 
  • Green lentils (organic, British) – 500g @ £3.40
  • Penne pasta (organic) – 500g @ £1.60
  • Brown rice (organic)- 500g @ £2.25
  • Linseeds (organic) – 400g @ £2.50
  • Strong white flour (organic) – 1.5kg @ £3.80

Thanks for the suggestions for items that you use regularly at home and would like us try to stock, send through any more you have. We’ll start making a list and see what we can do.

A few ways we/you’ve used your veg this week:
Coleslaw with Kohl Rabi, apple and celery +  sultanas, chocolate and beetroot cake, beetroot and rabi slaw (with vinaigrette), mushroom, quinoa, pistachio and lentil burgers, haddock with mushroom sauce, banana & courgette loaf, kohlrabi and tahini mash, cabbage leaf wrapped chicken with sun dried tomatoes, beetroot salad with carrot and peanut. Keep sending us your kitchen concoctions as it might inspire others!

This week’s newsletter a bit on the short side and a bit early as we have a scheduled power cut tomorrow which I’ve just remembered about. But I have to mention a lemon hack which I think is so inspired and can’t believe have never thought about doing before – if you have an excess of lemons and/or want to store fresh lemon juice for future use, just squeeze juice into ice cube tray and freeze! Brilliant. 

A couple of recipe ideas…

1) Courgette and caramelised red onion tart: Recipe here

2) Kale pesto: Recipe here plus a few other kale ideas here from Jamie Oliver.

As always, if you’re stuck as to what to do with anything please let me know and I’ll try to give you some ideas.