New weeding team!

Phew, it’s been one of THOSE weeks. Various stresses that in the grand scheme of things don’t matter but in the moment matter a great deal (including our ducks going AWOL in the windy weather). I didn’t think Chris’s Covid hair could get any wilder but it did- until I managed to give it a trim! One of my uncle’s favourite sayings is ‘everything matters..but not that much’. We’re adopting that mantra for this coming week.

Please remember if you’re planning to go away in these new times of being able to travel more than 5 miles from home, we need at least 10 days notice if you don’t want a box. It’s really really helpful to us if you can avoid cancelling the box and pass it on to a friend or family member.

Those of you who are trying Plastic-free July, well done and hope you’re managing to have a few small wins. Don’t give up! 

We’ve been getting flowers from the lowly Meinir at Tusw Tlss every fortnight- it’s been so lovely during this time to have gorgeous flowers delivered, and they last for ages.  £11 per bunch, weekly or fortnightly, delivery within 5 miles of Gellifor. You need to sign up in blocks of four deliveries, let me know if you’re interested and I can pass on details.

EYG Wholefoods
Let us know if you’d like any extras next week:

  • Red fox carlin peas (organic, British) – 500g @ £1.40 
  • Malted wheat flakes (organic, British) – 500g @ £2.40 
  • Strong wholemeal flour (organic, British) – 1.5kg @ £3.80
  • Green lentils (organic, British) – 500g @ £3.40
  • Linseeds (organic, British) – 400g @ £2.50
  • Penne pasta (organic) – 500g @ £1.60

Herbs: We’ve still got a few parsley and basil plants for sale.

Fresh horseradish: This is a unusual but yummy one, if you like horseradish and haven’t tried the fresh root, it’s pretty good. You can grate into potato, as well as make horseradish sauce to go with beef or fish.  A few ideas here.

What’s been happening this week at EYG?
Planted out kale. Annoyingly had to pull out quite a lot of cucumber plants because they’ve got a fungal disease. Weeding!

Our new hens are doing a great job of weeding our beds and seem very happy with their new home  (see pic) which even has a water trough which can be topped up with rain water. Chris did a great job building the house and run, which has high sides so they don’t kick the soil off the raised bed. 

A few ways we/you’ve used your veg this week:
Mushroom risotto (added some courgettes and peas), spaghetti with grated courgette and anchovies, cauliflower and potato curry, warm potato salad – see recipe below. Keep sending us your kitchen concoctions as it might inspire others! 

A couple of recipe ideas… (sorry just one today!)

1) Warm potato salad with lemon and chive: Recipe here

As always, if you’re stuck as to what to do with anything please let me know and I’ll try to give you some ideas.