Eat Your Greens Veg boxes in June
This week’s veg boxes!!

Happy Summer Solstice! It seems like lock down has given us the opportunity to appreciate the longer evenings even more than normal – less routine and less rushing around means we can make the most of the light. Which we have to admit sometimes just means sitting in the evening sun with an (organic) beer! Bliss.

Have you had a chance to check out Plastic-free July?  We wrote a bit about this last week so won’t say much more other than we’ve just bought a big block of organic cheese in wax (admittedly wax not perfect but better we reckon than normal plastic) from our wholesalers in an attempt to reduce our cheese plastic! We’d love to hear about anything you’re planning to do to cut down your own plastic use, even if it’s just one thing, like buying tomato ketchup in glass rather than plastic. Sometimes it’s a bit more effort, but just doing one thing has a ripple effect. We are big believers in the ripples! 

A reminder as well that one of out customers runs a local delivery service (Mrs Eco) supplying environmentally-friendly refillable home-care and body-care products delivered to your doorstep. Let us know if you’d like her details to find out more.

EYG Wholefoods
Let us know if you’d like any extras next week:

  • Red fox carlin peas (organic, British) – 500g @ £1.40 
  • Malted wheat flakes (organic, British) – 500g @ £2.40 
  • Wholemeal flour (organic, British) – 1.5kg @ £3.80
  • Green lentils (organic, British) – 500g @ £3.40
  • Linseeds (organic, British) – 400g @ £2.50
  • Penne pasta (organic) – 500g @ £1.60
  • Arborio risotto rice (organic) – 500g @ £3.80

Unwaxed organic lemons: Lemon drizzle cake anyone? If you’d like to just buy a one-off kg of lemons without committing to every 2 weeks then next week we’ll have some for you (£2.80/kg).

Plug plants to grow your own veg: We’ve still got a few plug plants for sale (£2 each – or make us an offer!) – tumbling tom tomatoes, jalapeno peppers (both of these will be fine in a big pot), courgettes, kale (both of these need to go into a bed). 

Herbs: We’ve got some parsley and basil plants for sale if you’d like them added to your box next week.

What’s been happening this week at EYG?
Weeding list this week includes parsnips, courgettes, squash, leeks, tomatoes! We had to remove one bed of aubergines which just hadn’t grown in a couple of months- we’ve no idea why (others are growing well!). Sewed mustard saladini. Pricked out lettuce and basil. Planted out kale.

We’re pretty happy with the boxes this week (see pic above!)- reckon the regular ones might be about as colourful as it gets! Next week there isn’t any fruit in the boxes. We’re hoping most of you have some kind of berries or fruit growing in your garden, and buying in the fruit is so expensive for small portions that we decided to leave it out and give you extra lovely veg. 

A few ways we/you’ve used your veg this week:
We’ve been noticing as we get into summer veg that we get through our box quicker than we do in the winter months when we have all those brassicas and squash. We made a couple of really simple rice dishes this week that were filling but didn’t need many ingredients- remember eating them when I was in India years ago. Tomato rice and lemon rice (recipes for guidance, didn’t follow them exactly!) – worth trying.  Keep sending us your kitchen concoctions as it might inspire others! 

A couple of recipe ideas… 

1) Lentil and aubergine moussaka: Recipe here

2) Kohlrabi & Beet Salad: Recipe here

As always, if you’re stuck as to what to do with anything please let me know and I’ll try to give you some ideas.

Finally, a couple of short videos for you – one from Riverford on bunched carrots and one lovely happy one about a very smiley Chinese couple dancing amongst their veg – it’s only a minute or so (skip the ads at the start), definitely worth a watch. One day perhaps there’ll be an Eat Your Greens one!….we’ve got to get practising! 🙂