Think there’s only one thing to say really – THANK YOU TO THE WEATHER GODS FOR THE RAIN! It was so very much needed. Everything has just been so parched and needed constant watering, as you will all know from your own gardens. Such a relief to get the cooler temps and all that water.

What’s been happening this week at EYG?Watering, weeding, watering, weeding….and more of the same! The good news is we’re just starting to come through the notorious ‘hungry gap’ and more UK veg is starting to appear. We’ve got some new potatoes coming your way next week! 

Know we’ve been giving you a lot of spring greens lately (especially in the regular boxes), mainly because a lot of the brassicas were lost in the floods earlier in the year so the choice of brassica is pretty limited at the moment. Hopefully you’re managing to find ways to use them, we rarely get past cooking them up with a bit of oil and salt, and then squeezing some lemon juice over the top. So good, and works as a super easy side dish for anything just to get some greens in there.

A couple of recipe ideas for this week…
1) Ratatouille: We’ve pretty much got all the ingredients for a ratatouille in the regular box this week, Jamie Oliver has a good recipe here.

2) Coleslaw: There’s kohlrabi in the small box this week, which makes a great coleslaw with the carrot and onion. Riverford have a recipe here for kohlrabi, carrot and sesame slaw.

As always, if you’re stuck as to what to do with anything please let me know and I’ll try to give you some ideas.