What’s been happening this week?
We’ve sowed broad beans and lettuces, and planted out spring greens. Dug out loads of chard to prep beds for rhubarb. Harvested the last of the tomatoes and started to pull the plants out. Harvested cavalo nero and the last of the peppers. We also spent some time planning the transition of winter to summer veg in the polytunnels.

A word of caution from our wholesalers…organic veg farms have been so popular during this crazy Covid year that they are running out of veg much quicker than normal. Combine this with Brexit uncertainty in Jan and everyone is a little nervous. We’ll keep you posted on any issues, and fortunately we have a great relationship with a great wholesaler so we’ll keep getting you your veg, but it’s good to share what’s going on behind the scenes to get you that plate of greens!

***CHRISTMAS planning for box customers – important***
We are going to deliver the last boxes of 2020 the week before Christmas so Monday 14th, Wed 16th, Thurs 17th Dec. This means you’ll know what veg you have a week ahead of Christmas and can top up if you need extra. We decided not to deliver up to Christmas Eve as figured this might be too late for you to get your veg for the next day.

We’ll open the shop in Christmas week for a couple of mornings (dates and times tbc) so you can always come down and buy additional veg from us then if you need to. For box customers, we’ll let you know in the newsletter what’s available in the shop that week and if you want to pre-order anything we can hold onto it for you to pick up.

We’ll make that last box of the year as Christmassy as we can to get you veg for Christmas Day but if there’s anything we can’t get into the boxes (ie if there aren’t enough available), then we’ll have it in the shop. If you want extra potatoes in your box that week then let us know (£1.50/kg) by December 1st.

ANNUAL HOLIDAY – The business will be closed from Christmas Day through to 3rd Jan, and we’ll restart our deliveries w/c 4th Jan.  We won’t be responding to emails during this time.

Boxes this week
Potatoes are Charlotte and Red Cara. Squash are Uchi Kuri and Green Acorn. Regular boxes have a Globe artichoke this week – appreciate one doesn’t really stretch far but we wanted to stick with British and thought we’d give you a week off another big brassica. Perhaps for some of you it’s a chance to try one if you’ve never had before. Small boxes have got the first of the sprouts!

Apples -info below: 
Monday – Bardsey Island (small), Afal Nant Gwrtheryn (regular)
Wed – Ashmead’s Kernel & Pitmaston Pineapple (small), Winston (regular)
Thurs – Afal Nant Gwrtheryn (small & regular)

Afal Nant Gwrtheryn: A heritage Welsh variety first discovered in the quarry manager’s garden in Nant Gwrtheryn, an isolated quarry community on the Llyn Peninsula, and developed over recent years by fruit grower Ian Sturrock. It is a golden russet said to have a distinctive fennel flavour. The original tree is still going strong despite being over 100 years old. Nant Gwtheryn quarrying and village buildings have been restored and now house a Welsh Language and Heritage Centre, accommodation and a cafe.

Winston: Raised in the UK in 1920 at Welford in Berkshire by William Pope. Introduced to the market in 1935 as Winter King, it was renamed in 1944 in honour of Winston Churchill and received an RHS Award of Merit in 1951 and another in 1993. Aromatic and rich like a Cox’s Orange Pippin, it also stores well…that is if any survive long enough after the first tasting!

Ashmead’s Kernel: One of the oldest varieties in the UK, it was raised in Gloucestershire by Dr Ashmead in about 1700. Records from the1800s show that the original tree survived in Dr Ashmead’s garden to be over 100 years old. Known as the connoisseur’s apple it was widely planted from the mid 19th century and made its way across the Atlantic to be a success in North America. A firm, crisp, juicy and refreshing apple, with russeted skin and a distinctive flavour, it received an RHS Award of Merit in 1969 and further First Class award in 1981.

Pitmaston Pineapple: A small russeted dessert apple, first grown in 1785 by a Mr White who was an employee of Lord Foley of Stoke Edith, Herefordshire. It was introduced more widely in 1845 by J. Williams of Pitmaston in Worcester. Its name reflects its rich and distinctive nutty honey flavour said to include a hint of pineapple.

EYG Extras – for veg box customers only (not shop)
We have very limited amounts of organic wholefoods which we are happy to sell to our box customers. Please note – these are not available to those coming to the shop as we don’t have enough stock. If you get a veg box from us and want anything in the list below let me know and I can tell you the price and how much is available. We’ll invoice you separately for these bits, so if you have something extra from us and no invoice please just give us a nudge! If you can avoid paying by Paypal for small amounts that’s really helpful as we get charged.

  • Organic oats 
  • Organic white basmati rice
  • Organic risotto rice
  • Organic brown long grain rice
  • Organic wholemeal flour
  • Organic strong wholemeal flour
  • Organic strong white flour
  • Organic self raising wholemeal flour 
  • Organic split red lentils
  • Organic red fox carlin peas 
  • Organic wholegrain spelt spaghetti (this is the best non white pasta we’ve tried – it’s v good)

Organic unwaxed lemons – we have some of these available most weeks now if you’d like any.

What’s happening with the shop? (@ 11 Mount Pleasant, LL15 3LS)
Thank you so much to all who came along last week, we were blown away by the support, we had our first customer on the dot of 9.30 – before we had our pricing sheet finished! – and even had a queue at one point (lucky it was a nice day). Lots of very positive comments and we’re hopeful that we can help more people in Denbigh get good veg. We sold out of lots of things which is exactly what we’d hoped for! 

A reminder we’re just open Fridays 9.30am-1pm for now. Please bring your own bag and remember it’s cash only at the moment. Anyone you know who wants to be kept updated on what we have in the shop needs to email us on hello@eatyourgreens.wales and we’ll add them to this newsletter. 

This week we’ve got carrots, potatoes, white onions, red onions, Breton onions. We’ll also have limited amounts of the following: sprouts, beetroot, daikon radish, Globe artichoke, cauliflower, red pepper, Tundra cabbage, sweet potato, clementines, Trwyn Mochyn* (Anglesey Pig’s Snout) cooking apples.

*A large green cooking apple, long grown on Anglesey. First recorded in the 1600s, it is named because of its unique shape. Wrapped in pastry and then baked, it was often eaten as dumplings in the field by agricultural labourers. The fruit stores well and mellows to enable it to be eaten uncooked. It cooks to a robustly flavoured, slightly perfumed puree.

A couple of recipe ideas… (sorry these are all off the internet and not out of my favourite recipe books at the moment -we’re having some work done to the house so my books are tucked away somewhere safe! On that note, any recipe books you love and want to share with me please do – always on the lookout)

1) Garlic & Parmesan Roasted Brussels Sprouts: Recipe here.  Boiling them is not the only option!

2) Harissa, Cavalo Nero, Red Pepper & Lentil Stew: Recipe here.

As always, if you’re stuck as to what to do with anything, or really struggling to like something that’s in your box, please let me know and we’ll try to give you some ideas.