Thought it might be a good day to share a photo of a dog in a boat. Actually, this photo popped up in my Google photos as a memory from 6 years ago, from our ‘other’ life when we lived in Sydney, Australia and Chris ran a sailing school! Hence our dog Saila is called Saila. She had no idea then that a few years later she would be more at home on the muddy Welsh roads and tracks than on the beach. But she’s never looked back (and nor have we!).

What’s been happening this week?
Meanwhile, in Prion…. Rosie did a great job harvesting leeks (14kg), chard (5kg), tomatoes (2.5kg) in the waterlogged beds. We’ve been putting the wood chip down on the paths and generally tidying up a bit before it gets even wetter out there.  

What’s happening with the shop? 
We’re going to open tomorrow (Friday) 9.30am-1pm. It’s definitely going to be a bit of a ‘see how we go’ type approach but pop by and say hello if you’re passing and of course spread the word to friends and neighbours. Apologies in advance if you turn up and there’s not much left, it’s going to take us a while to work out quantities, and we really don’t want to waste veg. Also – we’re cash only at the moment, so no cards please. We will be serving you across the entrance so you won’t actually come into the shop at all, hopefully making it as safe as possible for everyone. Think of us as a market stall rather than a shop! 

This week we’ve got some carrots, potatoes, white onions. We’ll also have limited amounts of the following: cavalo nero, kale, chard, red onions, Breton onions, leeks, lemons, broccoli, beetroot, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes. 

Anyone you know who wants to be kept updated on what we have in the shop needs to email us on hello@eatyourgreens.wales and we’ll add them to this newsletter where we’ll include what we have available each week.

Boxes this week
Regular boxes have mooli / daikon radish, and some have celeriac. Small boxes have casperita, green acorn or harlequin squash. Apples: Cox Cymraeg (Mon & Wed small, Mon regular), Bramley apples (Wed regular), Ellison’s Orange / Cox Cymraeg / Bardsey Island (Thurs small & regular). Think everything else should be pretty straightforward this week but let me know if there’s anything you can’t identify!

EYG Extras – for veg box customers only (not shop)
We have very limited amounts of organic wholefoods which we are happy to sell to our box customers. Please note – these are not available to those coming to the shop as we don’t have enough stock. If you get a veg box from us and want anything in the list below let me know and I can tell you the price and how much is available. We’ll invoice you separately for these bits, so if you have something extra from us and no invoice please just give us a nudge! If you can avoid paying by Paypal for small amounts that’s really helpful as we get charged.

  • Organic oats 
  • Organic white basmati rice
  • Organic risotto rice
  • Organic brown long grain rice
  • Organic wholemeal flour
  • Organic strong wholemeal flour
  • Organic strong white flour
  • Organic self raising wholemeal flour 
  • Organic split red lentils
  • Organic red fox carlin peas 
  • Organic wholegrain spelt spaghetti (this is the best non white pasta we’ve tried – it’s v good)

Organic unwaxed lemons – we have some of these available most weeks now if you’d like any.

A couple of recipe ideas… (sorry these are all off the internet and not out of my favourite recipe books at the moment -we’re having some work done to the house so my books are tucked away somewhere safe! On that note, any recipe books you love and want to share with me please do – always on the lookout)

1) Spicy Roasted Daikon Radish Fries: Recipehere

2) January King bubble & squeak with caraway seeds: Recipe here.

As always, if you’re stuck as to what to do with anything, or really struggling to like something that’s in your box, please let me know and we’ll try to give you some ideas.

Completely irrelevant to veg but in our quest to help people avoid Amazon, there’s a new website worth checking out if you’re a reader – it’s called bookshop.org and supports local bookshops.

And finally, there’s this. Watch it (skip ad at start) and tell me it doesn’t make you smile and feel some hope for the world!