Spot the peppers

Autumn definitely seems like it’s making itself known now, but can’t complain as it’s been a pretty amazing September. And a beautiful day today! And, lockdown restrictions don’t stop us getting you your greeny goodness so things could be wors

We feel like we’ve made some good progress this week, although still lots happening in the EYG world. We’ve signed off on new logo for shop – will share that next week – and done a bit of a promo video which we’re hoping to get up onto the website asap. We’re getting internet sorted in the shop (aka packing space) which should really help us be a bit more efficient and mean we don’t have to walk around with quite such a long list of things in our heads that we need to do when we next get to a computer! 

Shout out from Sam at Glanllyn farm who has one small slow grown lamb box left  – 1 roasting joint, packs of chops or rib cutlets, lamb and mint burgers (total 3kg) for £36. 100% pasture fed, sustainably reared, welsh Glanllyn lamb. Let her know if you want it – highly recommended and the boxes always sell out fast. Contact her via her website here or find her on Facebook. If you’re interested in high welfare lamb or goat boxes it’s worth signing up to her newsletter where she keeps you posted on what she’s got coming up. 

Boxes this week
We’re trying to eke out the summer veg as much as we can but the boxes are definitely turning more autumnal – regular boxes have got swede this week, get ready for the root veg and lots of soups and stews!

Two of the apple varieties are from Cae Main Orchards, located on the slopes of Moel y Parc above Bodfari. If you’re new this week, past newsletters are on our website – we gave some info on Cae Main last week. The Cox Cymraeg are from here in Prion!

This week:
Monday boxes got Tom Putt (s*), Tom Putt (r*)
Wednesday boxes got Tom Putt (s), Tom Putt (r)
Thursday am boxes got Cox Cymraeg (s), Ellison’s Orange (r)
Thursday pm boxes got Cox Cymraeg (s), Ellison’s Orange (r)
*s = small, r = regular

Tom Putt – a very old variety, with many different tales as to its origin. We’ll go with the version that says it was raised in the late 1700’s by the Rev Tom Putt, Rector of Trent in Somerset. Grown widely across Devon and Somerset for many years, in gardens as well as orchards, leading it to being nicknamed the ‘Cottage Apple’. It became so popular because of it’s versatility. It’s a dessert and culinary apple, so an ‘eater’, a ‘cooker’ and good for both juicing and for making cider. 

Ellison’s Orange – a Ellison’s Orange is an offspring of the famous Cox’s Orange Pippin and is one of the most significant of the Cox style apples. It was raised by the Rev C.C. Ellison in Lincolnshire and first recorded in 1904. It’s regarded as a classic eating apple, winner of a number of Royal Horticultural Society awards over the years, with a good depth, range and richness of flavour.

Cox Cymraeg – At about 6 feet tall, Anne Jones was an imposing figure as Bangor’s first motorised milk lady. In her garden at Goetre Bach, near Felinheli, Auntie Annie had a justifiably famous apple tree. She called it the “Cox Cymraeg”. A medium sized eating apple with an excellent balance of sweetness and acidity. It has a distinct Cox-like flavour and aroma. In the 1940’s, the council straightened out the A487 and Aunty Annie’s house was flattened. She then moved 100 yards to one of the last remaining houses along with her apple tree and her husband Bob’s budgies. The tree thrived in its new location until it was buried under the new A55, fifty years later. Fortunately one daughter tree survived nearby, allowing the continuation of this fantastic fruit tree.

What’s been happening this week?
More harvesting… tomatoes (10kg), runner beans (7kg), the last of the courgettes – surely they’ve finished now??(10kg), kale (15kg). The photo at the top is supposed to be of our peppers- but they are v nicely camouflaged, oh well, they’re there somewhere.

We’ve been potting on pak choi and about to plant out some more kale. But really at the moment our focus is on prepping the ground for it all being wet and boggy. Lots of muck going down. We’ve also brought our worker weeding hens back to join our other hens here at home for winter-  the merging of the two flocks started a little icily (it was like we had 2 gangs in the garden) but they’ve settled down nicely.
EYG Wholefoods & Extras
Let us know if you’d like any extras next week. We’ll invoice you separately for these bits, so if you have something extra from us and no invoice please just give us a nudge! If you can avoid paying by Paypal for small amounts that’s really helpful as we get charged.

Sorry, I’ve not managed to list out the prices below but it you want anything let me know and I can tell you price and how much we have available.

  • Organic oats
  • Organic white basmati rice
  • Organic brown long grain rice
  • Organic wholemeal flour
  • Organic self raising wholemeal flour
  • Organic split red lentils
  • Organic red fox carlin peas 
  • Organic cane sugar 
  • Organic wholegrain spelt spaghetti 

Organic unwaxed lemons – there are some available next week if you’d like them (£2.80/kg).

Organic cooking apples – we won’t be putting these in the boxes but we should be able to sell some as extras over the next few weeks, so let me know if you’re interested in having any and we can find out what’s available.

Just a note re the wholefoods / dried / non veg bits we’re selling. Even pre-Covid we bought large quantities of pasta, rice, flour, etc for our own use as it means we can avoid supermarkets. Covid has made this even more appealing. Our aim is to help you to do the same if that’s something you’re interested in doing, so we’re open to supplying larger quantities for you to build up your own store cupboards and pantries at home. We can give you tips on how we store, etc, if it’s not something you’ve done before. As an example, at any one time we could have 5kg each of oats, lentils, rice, and more, tucked away in storage bins which we can then decant into jars in the kitchen as we need to. Instead of going to the shop, we go to the storage tub in the shed! So if you’d like to buy more than the 500g/1kg quantities that we’ve been selling then let us know and we can work out how to help you do that.

A few ways you/we’ve been using the veg this week: Cauliflower rice, cauliflower steaks, mushroom, pepper and ras en hanout seasoning stir fry to go in wraps for lunch, moussaka, squash, carrot, mushroom and salmon kebabs, veggie soup (yep soup season has started..). Keep sending us your kitchen concoctions as they might inspire others!

A couple of recipe ideas… 

1) Butter-browned braised swede: Recipe here

2) Spaghetti with cavalo nero, garlic and chilli: Recipe here. Small boxes have cavalo nero this week, regular have kale – you can use either with this. I think I manage to sneak in a recipe much the same as this every couple of months, just in case someone hasn’t yet discovered how good it is. Seriously, just try it.

As always, if you’re stuck as to what to do with anything, or really struggling to like something that’s in your box, please let me know and we’ll try to give you some ideas.