no dig, organic, veg box
Eat those greens!

What’s been happening this week?
Are we allowed to say we’re kind of enjoying the change in seasons, although guessing by February the dark evenings will be wearing thin making us very grateful for Spring. We are loving those amazing autumn colours though – recommend getting the wellies out for stomp in the leaves if you’re feeling like you need cheering up.

We’re mulching, clearing and prepping beds. We’ve had a delivery of wood chippings which we’re putting down on the paths. We’ve planted out spring greens and removed the runner beans. Harvested 16kg leeks, 12kg curly kale and just a small tub of tomatoes – they’re nearly done but have been amazing. Next year Chris has plans to work some tomato grafting magic so we’ll tell you more about that nearer the time.

— A NOTE RE NEXT WEEK’S MONDAY DELIVERY —- we are unfortunately attending a funeral so will be delivering the Monday boxes on Tuesday morning just for next week. Will send a separate email to all of you who are affected.

What’s happening with the shop? 
We’re still planning to open next Friday 6th although as yet not organised any of the things we need to (!). If anyone just happens to have an A-frame blackboard lying around they would like to sell to us please let us know! 🙂

Boxes this week
The first of the season’s oranges this week. The weird looking knobbly veg in some of the regular boxes is celeriac -they were much bigger than we’d thought so we had to do some jiggery pokery and if you didn’t get one this week you’ll hopefully have one next week. 

Our apologies if you didn’t get any onions last week – no idea what happened (oops) but we’ve given the ones we think missed out a few extra this week just in case. 

EYG Extras
We have very limited amounts of organic wholefoods which we are happy to sell to our box customers. If you want anything in the list below let me know and I can tell you price and how much is available. We’ll invoice you separately for these bits, so if you have something extra from us and no invoice please just give us a nudge! If you can avoid paying by Paypal for small amounts that’s really helpful as we get charged.

  • Organic oats 
  • Organic white basmati rice
  • Organic risotto rice
  • Organic brown long grain rice
  • Organic wholemeal flour
  • Organic strong wholemeal flour
  • Organic strong white flour
  • Organic self raising wholemeal flour 
  • Organic split red lentils
  • Organic red fox carlin peas 
  • Organic wholegrain spelt spaghetti (this is the best non white pasta we’ve tried – it’s v good)

Organic unwaxed lemons – we have some of these available most weeks now if you’d like any.

A couple of recipe ideas… (sorry these are all off the internet and not out of my favourite recipe books at the moment -we’re having some work done to the house so my books are tucked away somewhere safe! On that note, any recipe books you love and want to share with me please do – always on the lookout)

1) Some Ottolenghi traybake recipeshere sent in by a customer. The toad in the hole looks like a great way to use the celeriac!

2) Curried kale & sweet potato curry: Recipe here

As always, if you’re stuck as to what to do with anything, or really struggling to like something that’s in your box, please let me know and we’ll try to give you some ideas. Finally, we enjoyed this little article – just a 1 minute read – ‘Real food not only feeds the stomach but also the relationships between the people working together in food related roles, and the relationships between people and the land and animals that gift us the food.’